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Yudkowsky review Score: 3 , Informative. Since you brought up the Vingean Singularity, I feel like I should point out a good short story I read just this morning that takes place in a decidedly posthuman era: Coelacanths by Robert Reed. Re: Score: 2. Comment removed based on user account deletion. Yudkowsky review Score: 1. Edited by Gardner Dozois. Yudkowsky review Score: 2. Yeah, Yudkowsky's a certifiable genius who's actually done a lot to inform people about this Singularitarian "crazy talk.

Score: 4 , Insightful. I still have the problem of not wanting to read hundreds of pages of on-screen print. I just bought a 19" viewsonic monitor, but can't imagine reading an entire book on it or any monitor. I also don't have a palm-type reader either. Are they worth buying yet?

Do they read the same as treeware? Score: 4 , Interesting. While reading on a small screen is not the best thing since slice bread, I still enjoy it.

Note that the screen quality of the T T is very good. I would not even try reading a book on a device with a low quality screen older Palm or Handspring devices. The convenience I always have my T T in my pocket, si I can read a book almost anywhere and anytime of having a book in electronics format far outweight the small inconvenience of reading on a small screen. The only things that annoys me about e-books, is that you do not have a great deal of choice.

The selection they have on PDM is nice, but is still far from the selection availlable at a small bookstore. The other thing is that your bookshelve don't grow with the number of books you read. I like, when I go to somebody else home, to take a look at their bookshelve to see what they read. You loose that ability when you have an electronic bookshelve. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin.

Zones of Thought (Literature) - TV Tropes

I travel a lot, and for me my Palm is a lifesaver. I have a Tungsten T and have read probably or more novels on it. One nice thing is that because it has its own consistent backlight, it is much easier to read on airplanes and at night than a paper book. During the day and while killing time, paper would be nicer to read, but being able to immediately start off where you stopped, read a few lines, and never lose your place are not always easy with paperbacks.

Travelling with a palm and a 9V adapter f. Score: 3 , Informative. I use an old Handspring Visor Deluxe and a program called Weasel reader gutenpalm. It's not quite as good as paper, but it's a lot easier on the eye than a PC screen. I'd recommend you buy the Palm Zire, except it only has 2MB of memory, which isn't really enough if you want to carry around a decent selection of reading material. Maybe get an old second-hand monochrome Palm from someone who's upgrading?

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Another vote for the Palm T T. After much deliberation, I decided to give eBooks a try about half a year ago, and I've been happy with my choice. I am an avid reader, and for someone my age, I have a large library of paper books that I would never part with. While it is impossible to say now, I don't know if I'll ever give up paper books entirely, but you never know. As for digital, I have no problems reading them using the Palm.

I went ahead and purchased Palm Reader Pro and a set of monospace fonts, this. Use the techniques I outline on How to read an electronic book [templetons. It's better than you think. The sucker is fantastic on the eyes and it looks good too You can read for hours if you wanted to. I agree - reading on a monitor while sitting at a desk is not the comfiest thing to do.

I recently set up an old semi-dead laptop as a dumb terminal it wasn't easy to find a null-modem cable these days! It's surprisingly comfy for things like this that I don't need all the graphics and stuff for. Just using 'less' on texts from Project Gutenberg has worked pretty well, and I run it in a screen session so that I don't lose my place and have to s. The key to reading for long periods on a monitor is to use large soft anti-aliased fonts i like 18 point Comic Sans MS actually on a background other than white.

I find pale green to be a very suitable background.

A Fire Upon the Deep

In a book review Score: 3 , Insightful. Somewhere near the top is nice. Yeah, I see that 'Vinge' occurs a few times toward the end, but to anyone who deeosn't know who Vernor Vinge is, this isn't particularly helpful, and it seems a bit disrespectful to the author. Re:In a book review Then there is a box. The box contains text. Great geek litrature Score: 5 , Interesting.

I reread this last week while I was ill with a cold, I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. If you have never read his work, or disclaim the possibility of it being worth your attention, I urge you to reconsider, this is literature for the [above] average Slashdot reader. There are many similarities between this and 'A Deepness In The Sky', Pham Nuwen is in both, but the similarities go deeper: a suppressing, evil Microsoft-like force closely controlling and monitoring the minds of the people who can throw off its yoke is the theme: makes you wonder about Vinge's childhood and siblings.

Re:Great geek litrature Score: 2. If I recall correctly, the creature that says this is twirlip of the mists [slashdot. And a minor spoiler but a great thing to notice Take a close look at the description of the Skroderiders and Twirlip's posts Re:Great geek litrature Score: 1. Pham Nuwen is in both A Favorite Score: 2. That's still among my favorite books. I doubt I'll ever buy the annotated edition, though. I'd rather buy up copies of his "The Peace War" to lend out to the deserving.

Somewhere should make clear to the undiscerning reader that we can't have gosh-wow LAN stuff on the Known Net because of bandwidth and transmission delay problems Re:gosh-wow lan stuff Score: 2. The RIAA should give away copies of this book. Not prolific, but good, author Score: 1. Deepness in the Sky was a pretty good novel as well. From the readers perspective, it is easy to see which posts were on the right track and which ones were utter nonsense. It offered an interesting perspective on how garbled or wrong information could have unexpected and dangerous consequences unprovoked attacks on innocents, etc.

It was particularly facinating to read the posts on the "Hexapodia Great book by one of the modern SF masters. If you want to see more books Score: 5 , Informative. In electronic format, support The Bean free library [baen. Also Webscriptions [webscriptions. Re:If you want to see more books Score: 2. I'll assume that means it's decaffeinated. Read the book, not the review! Score: 5 , Insightful. It's a good book, as is "A Deepness in the Sky" by the same author set in the same universe.

I know it's too late but, if you're interested in the book, try to avoid the 'review' above.

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It lays out FAR too much of the plot and background No offense intended to the original poster, who is obviously a big fan of the work. Re:Read the book, not the review! I have to agree on this and and follow up with my own, go read the book. Infact go read everything by Vinge. He has written, so few books, but all of them are great. He show knowledge and interest in topic of IT and he seems to know what he's talking about unlike, say Gibson. I've reviewed most his books on my site without spoilers. Another version Score: 1. Amazingly futuristic Score: 4 , Interesting. This book seemed amazingly futuristic when I first read it.

The notion of online communities divided up into interest groups seemed like a really cool idea. Several years later I discovered usenet Re:Amazingly futuristic Score: 1. As Jo Walton put it during one rec. Found this by accident Score: 3 , Interesting. Just happened to pick up this book in a Borders one Saturday when my girlfriend was out of town and started reading, intending to cover the first few pages and see if it was worth buying. Anyhow, go get it if you haven't already. Re:Found this by accident I had a similar experience on my first read.

I started reading it before going to bed one night, and wound up realising at am how late it'd become. So how protected is it? Yes, it's very understandable, but it isn't going to happen. I wonder whether they're simply satisfied to make it harder for people to get at the cleartext, or whether some snakeoil salesman managed to convince them that they've got magic uncrackable "digital protection".

Based on Vinge's net experience I'd guess the former. Since that is unlikely to change anytime soon Anyone want to put. The Setting Score: 3 , Informative. I read A Fire Upon the Deep about a month ago. The setting was excellent, with AI Gods who are as much above us as we are above cockroaches. Looking for other material with this setting led me to Orion's Arm [orionsarm. Orion's Arm shares the ideas of the Singularity like A Fire Upon the Deep and has a year time-line with no humanoid aliens and as realistic as possible physics.

Related stories? No problem. Score: 5 , Informative. Re:Related stories? It's called Blabber, and you can find it published in various Vinge compilations. Specifically, there are incompatabilities between the short story and Fire , which he says now constrain his efforts to turn the story into a sequel. Although I think he'd be foolish to. My bad. I'd actually read the short story before the other two. I found some of the differences and inconsistencies quite telling, especially after reading the annotated FUtD with its behind-the-scenes look at how everything worked.

The Zones as depicted in "The Blabber" are the "first draft" of the idea,. Related material Score: 1. The Peace W. Re:Related material - True Names Score: 1. I read True Names many years back in an illustrated trade paperback edition , and it remains one of my favorite novellas. Even though I it's fairly short, is somewhat technically dated by now, and has been upstaged by books like Snow Crash , it's a cool story and has some still relevant perhaps even moreso then when originally written It's been a few years since I gave this one another read -- I think it's far past time I did so As a side note for people.

Re:Related material - True Names Score: 2. True names is a must read for any IRC junky or bofh since part of the story involves larting someone like an irc scriptkiddie. Google for don. The book is once again in print so you should pick it up at your local book store. I disagree about it being technically dated. The terms are a bit odd, but aren't wrong. The concepts are spot on. In the story the police have reason to suspect people of cybercrimes if they have too much storage space so a guy has a NAS hiding. They seemed to me just "notes to self", and many are just a single short sentence.

If the newest one has the same annotation, I'd pass on it. Just get the book and read it! Btw, this is one of my top 5 books of all time. The Tines do appear in other Vinge work Score: 3 , Informative. There's a piece that centers around them in Vinge's excellent, excellent short story collection [barnesandnoble. Although the surprise around which the plot revolves is kinda ruined if you've already read Fire Upon the Deep.

The last story in this book "Fast Times at Fairmont High" is a particularly well-thought-out portrait of what American education might evolve into, given another fifty or so years of the Internet and school privatization. Other Vinge novels Score: 2. The concept behind these beings [the Tines] is fascinating to me, and I would like to read more stories involving them. If so, then try and get a copy of The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge or Threats and Other Promises , which is out of print and incredibly hard to find -- I lost my copy :.

It is, as to be expected, somewhat more primative, but still a good short story. My favorite Vinge short is Original Sin ,. Incredibly hard to find? Here [palmdigitalmedia. Unthinking Depths Score: 1 , Funny. All except for the branch of humanity know as "The Floridians". Comment removed Score: 3 , Informative. Another bit of computer lore Score: 1.

Somewhere in A Fire Upon The Deep, Vinge mentions that the computer inside the ship has a clock counting from when humans first landed on the moon" That's , not too far from Jan 1 whence Unix counts not too far, from the perspective of tens of thousands of years at least in the future, anyway. So, they're still using Unix! Re:Another bit of computer lore Score: 1. It's been a while, so I can't be specific, but there are definite references to Unix in 'A Deepness in the Sky'. He specifically mentions He mentions that the story of the origin of the date says that it's from the time man first walked on the moon, but that if you really spent the time digging deep enough you would find it's a while later Re:He specifically mentions Given that the Julian calendar probably isn't even in use anymore that far away, it seems to me that it's eminently reasonable they tag the zero-time to the nearest historically significant event, and perhaps even that they assume that event, rather than some arbitrary calendar date, was the reason.

Heck, the per. I would have never known Vernor is so popular Score: 1.

All this time i just thought he was a struggling author, i hang out with him and his family druing the holidays for x-mas and thanksgiving, weird to think he has such a huge fan following. I have talked to him about some of his stuff but, he is a very interesting guy. I will be sure to let him know that slahsdot has a post about his book. Since I'm the person who made it well, Vernor did the hard part And it's not so bad.

Read the notes on how to read an ebook on a desktop computer and you will find that it's pretty tolerable. Wide margins, large text, fill the screen and sit 6 feet away so you can change your posture frequently -- those are the key points. I designed it to do this, and the MS reader was chosen because it was about the only tool at the time that could do that.

HTML couldn't. I do provide a translator to HTML though. Whoops Score: 2. I posted that from a machine logged in with a friend's account. Yes, it's really me who wrote the above. Thank you for putting this together!! I ordered one monents after finding out it existed 95, I think , and have enjoyed it a great deal. Any chance of another collection coming out like that? It would be a great library addition to have one for each year, and pick up the books of those writers one likes the most.

Cheers, -Metropolitan. Ref: Amazon has 2 editions: paper [amazon. Or more likely, was it done without bothering to ask him, or maybe even over his opposition? I refuse to buy any DRM-impaired e-books, so I hope that an open-format version becomes available sometime. Seth Godin's Spreading the Ideavirus is unencrypted, for instance. If Vinge or his publisher didn't want it encrypted, they had only to say so. Trap ending. My favorite part about this book is that if you get lazy and read the last page it gives you a false impression of how the book ends.

I e-mailed VV about this and he very politely replied. Uthinking depths to Trancendence is also one of my favorite models for Galatic geography esp. This book is on my short list for top 20 sci-fi books. If you like it also check out Iain M. It was cheap. Re:Trap ending. I don't think the zones of thought are based on any sort of galactic habitable zone theory - I read in an interview somewhere that, although it isn't relevant to the story, Vinge intended the Zones of Thought to have been created by some extremely powerful entity.

One of my favorites too Score: 1. It's a long book but totally engrossing. He puts forth a number of fascinating concepts, any one of which would have made a great plot by itself. I like it best for reading in the dark like when the wifey's sleeping or in the car at night, etc Re:One of my favorites too Score: 1.

No offense intended but I'm always amused by comments like this. Re:"Usenet posters" Score: 1. I wrote ClariNet to ask them when the '94 version was going to come out, but I d. Origin of the zones explained? For years, there has been rumor in r. I've scanned the annotations tho admittedly not exhaustively and haven't seen anything to that effect.

Anybody else had any luck? Re:Origin of the zones explained? I haven't read the annotations but I believe I have read an interview where he states that they are artificial. Oh, man, I could swear I read something by Vinge asserting the artificiality of the Zones of Thought But really, it's implied strongly in Fire anyhow. Obviously, the Countermeasure can alter the Zones. Cancel anytime. Best Sellers.

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